Mulching Service Rental

Mulching is among the most effective methods for weed control. This is one of the additional services that we often provide to Cañada Tree Care customers when they receive our tree removal service. Affordable tree removal is just one part of our commitment; the other part is environmental responsibility. Tree removal in La Cañada doesn’t mean the tree is gone forever. To make the most out of it, we offer a mulching service to leave your property with a brand new and healthy foundation of mulch from a tree that was once a nuisance.

The machine rental works like this: the removed tree is processed into wood chips, and these chips can be used for your bush and flower beds. Generally speaking, mulch is a material applied to the soil that serves several purposes. Mulching inhibits weed growth. There are both organic and synthetic forms of mulch. Mulch prevents weeds from taking root and also reduces soil compaction.


– Prevents soil erosion.

– Reduces compaction during the spring and fall seasons.

– Helps maintain a consistent temperature in the soil, benefiting the health of your plants.

– Acts as a water-retaining substance that saves you from the effects of heavy rain.

– Enriches the soil with nutrients.

– Enhances your property’s landscaping, providing a unique opportunity for a well-groomed appearance.

For inquiries about our Mulching Service Rental, contact us at (818) 400-1241. Let us help you maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape while keeping those weeds at bay.