Spraying or Injecting to Control Infestation and Disease Problems

It’s very important to control infestation and desease problems on your trees. Just as humans need to stay healthy, so do our trees. Trees are susceptible to health problems such as insect infestation, fungal infections, and various diseases. While they have some natural defenses, repeated attacks can weaken their resistance, leading to damage.

Regular maintenance is crucial for tree health. Spraying or injecting to control infestation and disease problems is a recommended practice, and Cañada Tree Care provides this service to protect trees and plants from harmful diseases. Both spraying and injecting methods are cost-efficient and require less insecticide. They offer several advantages:

  1. Weather Independence: These procedures are not weather-dependent, and their protective effects can last longer.
  2. Avoiding Drilling: Unlike methods that require drilling, which can create wounds attracting fungi, bacteria, and insects, our treatments do not necessitate drilling, reducing risks significantly.
  3. Nutrient Flow: Spraying or injecting can prevent air from entering the plant’s or tree’s internal system, inhibiting the flow of nutrients.

Before starting the procedure, we conduct a comprehensive home inspection at your convenience. After the inspection, we recommend the necessary treatment procedure for your property.

Our highly qualified and expertly trained professionals, with decades of experience in this field, carry out the treatment. We provide follow-up visits to ensure your property continues to receive protection against diseases or pest infestations.

We stand by our work, offering a satisfaction guarantee. If you notice pest infestations or disease after our treatment, please contact us, and we will return to re-treat the issue. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction, and we’re not done until you’re satisfied.

Pest and disease problems can occur despite your property maintenance efforts. They can create health hazards for both your trees and you as the property owner. Cañada Tree Care is equipped to prevent and eliminate these problems. Contact us at (818) 400-1241 to safeguard your trees and maintain a healthy environment.