Standard Maintenance

Why Hire Cañada Tree Care for Standard Maintenance?

You may have noticed that some trees and plants live longer and look better than others. Your neighbors may have beautiful lawns, and you wonder why your property doesn’t look the same.

Standard Maintenance plays a crucial role in achieving healthy and beautiful landscapes. This maintenance includes tree trimming, pruning, and other tree and plant care practices that promote air circulation, reduce disease incidence, and prevent damage from high winds.

Cañada Tree Care offers Standard Maintenance as a way to groom your property. It keeps your trees and plants healthy and helps prevent diseases. However, tree trimming, pruning, and grooming should only be performed by experts who understand the needs of different plants. This is where Cañada Tree Care stands out. Our highly trained professionals have the expertise to care for shrubs, trees, ivy, brush, and other plants that grow on your property.

The Standard Maintenance service provided by our company involves the removal of weak branches that are susceptible to pests and diseases. It’s both a science and an art form. The science part involves recognizing plant flaws and minimizing defects skillfully. The artistic aspect includes shaping tree branches in the most aesthetic way possible. Proper maintenance not only improves your property’s value but also enhances the health and beauty of your trees and plants.

Our Standard Maintenance service is offered for three main reasons:

  1. **Safety:** Pruning and grooming help reduce the risk of trees or plants causing damage during high winds or storms.
  2. **Health:** Regular maintenance keeps your trees and plants healthy, reducing the risk of disease and infestations.
  3. **Aesthetics:** Proper grooming enhances the appearance of your property, making it more visually appealing.

What Makes Us Different?

Cañada Tree Care stands out due to our integrity, experience, capability, commitment, and dedication to earning certification and accreditation. We provide exceptional client service, and our reputation demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

When to Perform Standard Maintenance?

We offer tree pruning, shrub or brush removal services throughout the year. However, we recommend scheduling this maintenance in late fall or winter. During these seasons, the branch structure of trees and plants is more visible, and there’s less concern about pathogens spreading. Our highly trained professionals ensure that no more than 10 percent of tree branches are removed.

To hire us for Standard Maintenance on your property, please contact us for a consultation at (818) 400-1241.