Storm Tree Damage Service

Storms can occur unexpectedly, and they often leave behind a trail of damage. No matter how prepared you are, your property in La Cañada might still endure the consequences of a storm.

Our storm damage service, provided by Cañada Tree Care, also includes cleanup and recovery options after an unexpected tornado.

Storm Cleanup to Help You Recover

At Cañada Tree Care, we understand that when Mother Nature unleashes its powerful weather, it can result in significant damage to your home and/or business in La Cañada.

Whether it’s due to strong winds, heavy rainfall, or downed trees, our team can provide you with immediate assistance to secure your property from further damage.

Our storm damage services will include building shrink wrap, perimeter fencing, and emergency security personnel, among others.

In the La Cañada area, Cañada Tree Care has been the number one restoration company for many years now.

With our experienced and highly-trained personnel, we have successfully rebuilt thousands of households that have been damaged by storms.

Our team has specialized skill sets that are essential during this situation. As soon as you call us at (818) 400-1241, our team will immediately clean up and remove those fallen branches, including downed trees.

Our staff is available for emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trucks can be at your damaged property in less than two hours, depending on how far you are from our location.

After their arrival, they’ll immediately begin cleaning the property to limit the damage to your property as a result of fallen branches and downed trees from tornadoes, thunderstorms, winter ice, and the like.

We’ll also dispatch our certified tree risk assessors to evaluate the remaining trees on your property in La Cañada. This is to determine whether or not their structure is still strong to avoid falling. It’ll also prevent injuring people or causing additional damage to your property.

If the remaining trees are found to be at high risk of potentially causing further damage to your land, we have our crew on standby to remove them or apply bracing and cabling to support their branches.

In several community-wide disasters, Cañada Tree Care has been there to rally manpower and provide equipment so we can easily respond to any type of storm in La Cañada. Our resources can be easily mobilized to provide immediate help.

Our team has successfully provided storm damage services in the La Cañada area for more than two decades.

To contact us, please call (818) 400-1241.