Tree Planting Made Easy

Maintaining your yard or garden in an environment where summer never seems to end can be a year-round challenge. If your schedule is filled with work, social events, or family commitments, finding the time for yard or garden care can be overwhelming. At Cañada Tree Care, we have a dedicated team ready to provide efficient and reliable tree planting services at competitive and affordable rates. Let’s explore what you can expect from your free consultation.

Tree Planting: A Focus on Aesthetics

Whether you have a dying tree in your yard or simply want to enhance your property’s beauty, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our expert arborist consultant. During the consultation, our consultant will help you choose the perfect tree that suits your property’s landscape, local climate, soil conditions, architectural integration, available light, your lifestyle, and long-term property goals. The consultation will also cover equipment, estimated timelines, costs, and the required staff to complete your project.

Trees in an Urban Environment

Planting additional trees on your property offers more than just shade and privacy. It can help cool your home, protect it from harsh weather, improve air quality, and combat erosion issues. Selecting the right tree that complements your property’s aesthetics can also increase its value. Our expert arborist will thoroughly assess these factors during the consultation. For instance, if your property has a Mediterranean architectural style, we won’t recommend planting English moss.

Contact us, and we’ll assist you in creating a long-term property plan for your outdoor aesthetics.

Get Your Free Estimate

Call us at (818) 400-1241 for our free professional consultation services. In addition to our complimentary consultation services, we also provide printed estimates. This ensures that the original service fee remains fixed, whether you schedule a tree planting appointment in a week or a month. With our highly trained staff and up-to-date equipment, we offer the most efficient and safe tree planting services in the market. We look forward to helping you transform your yard into the oasis you’ve always desired.