If you have a lot of foliage on your property, then it is fair to assume that you are more than familiar with the concept of having to trim things every now and then! If you don’t want your garden space to become hideously overgrown, you need to make sure that you maintain a regular and extensive trimming schedule. Of course, when it comes to something as potentially tricky as tall trees, it is always best to get professionals involved who have the right tools and the right expertise. You may not know that the time of year plays an important role in the success of tree trimming, especially if you are concerned about the future health of your trees.

When Is The Best Time For Tree Trimming?

Winter Is Best for tree trimming

The truth is that this area of California does experience some really strong seasonal fluctuations in weather, but that does not mean that the seasons don’t affect trees in slightly different ways.

As a general rule, winter is believed to be the best time to do most pruning of landscape trees. This is when the growth cycle of the tree isn’t at its busiest. In contrast, you should always avoid arranging any trimming during the spring, as this is the best growing period for the trees. You want to wait until the buds have swelled and the younger leaves have grown to their full size.

What To Trim All Year Round?

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. You should always arrange for a tree to be trimmed if it is suffering from diseased branches, dead or damaged branches, or if it has any branches that are growing to close power lines around your home.

Trees To Avoid for tree trimming

Unless it is completely necessary, you should avoid trimming the following kinds of trees. Saucer magnolias, as this type of tree does not tend to heal well after being pruned and palm trees, as they do not have branches at all and trimming the frons can weaken the trunk. As another general rule, try to avoid tree trimming in weather that is too wet or humid, as this will encourage the growth of bacteria and mold in the tree.

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Trees To Trim In The Winter

You should feel sage to trim any of the following in the winter months; ash, birch, cape chestnut, cedars, Chinese elm, cypress, eucalyptus, maple, pine and redwood.

Trees To Trim In The Summer

Trees that are more suited to summer trimming include; camphor tree, carrotwood, kaffir plum, olive, ornamental figs and toyon.

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