If you are like the majority of homeowners out there, then it might be fair to assume that you have only a light and passing knowledge of professional; gardening services. Sure, you can mow a lawn and plant a few seeds here and there, but do you know the differences in some of the more technical elements of maintaining a beautiful outdoor space, especially of any trees on your property? If the answer is no, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place! Here are a few of the key differences between a tree surgeon and an arborist to keep in mind the next time you need to enlist some La Canada tree care.

When Do You Need A Tree Surgeon From La Canada Tree Care?

A tree surgeon needs to be called when you need help with trees and hedgework in your garden. It goes without saying that they need to be fully trained and qualified in order to undertake the work in a safe and recommended manner.

The right tree surgeon is going to be proficient in all aspects of tree care including crown reduction and thinning, tree removal, crown raising, and stump removal. They will be in possession of all of the right equipment to be able to perform these various tasks successfully, which is the key to ensuring that everything can be undertaken and completed in a safe manner.

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When Do You Need An Arborist From La Canada Tree Care?

An arborist can be called in when you want to be made fully aware of how to understand the health of a tree, and what it requires from you in order to keep it as healthy as it can be, or to restore an ill tree back to full health. An arborist will assess your trees and hedges, along with the soil that they are planted in, and from what they find, they will be able to determine what needs to be done in order to make the situation better.

In the same way that it is essential to use a qualified tree surgeon, it is also essential to use a qualified arborist, especially if the work that you are undertaking is on a commercial property. Most planning regulations will stipulate that an arborist is needed to assess all of the trees in the vicinity of both the existing buildings and any areas that are going to be demolished.

Should you find yourself in need of high-quality, professional La Canada tree care in the future, then you need a reputable local company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Canada Tree Care. We have a number of experienced workers on hand to take your call and come out to fix whatever tree-related issue you are having. There is no problem we haven’t come across and fixed before, and we look forward to being able to help you in exactly the same way!