There are plenty of things that you have to consider as a homeowner during the winter, and the state and condition of your garden trees are definitely one of them. It might not be something that you instinctively think about, but trees actually need to be prepared for winter in the same way as plenty of other external parts of your home, in order to best cope with the changing climate and conditions.  Winters in Los Angeles are beginning to become a lot harsher and more unpredictable so we’re having to adjust the way we look after our gardens, including the plants and trees. With this in mind, your local and expert Canada Tree Service provides some of the best pointers for how to prepare your trees for winter. 

Winter Tree Preparation Explained By a Canada Tree Service

  • Check For Pest Infection

One of the first things that you should do is perform a close inspection of your trees to see if they show signs of pest infection. Look out for things like, bark shedding too early, evidence of unnatural discoloration, and lifted roots. These are all key signs that pests might have moved in and started to do a lot of damage.

  • Prune Branches

Common sense calls for performing a pruning routine prior to the arrival of winter. A tree’s need for energy is much greater in harsher conditions, so you want to make sure that you remove any small, extraneous branches that are going to take nutrients away from the main structure of the tree. In addition, good pruning also encourages good regrowth, so this will set the tree up to thrive in a much stronger way when we start moving into spring.

  • Mulching

You can help to fortify your trees in a really efficient and effective way by placing 2 or 3 inches of mulch around them. This helps to prepare particularly tall trees for excessively rainy weather. What the mulch does is help to slow the rate at which the soil is able to absorb the water that is soaking into the ground. The result of this for the tree is that the roots are prevented from getting drowned after a real downpour. In addition to this primary benefit, mulch cover is also able to provide the roots with an added layer of warmth to help fight against the much colder ground temperatures that the winter brings along.

Canada Tree Service

If you are looking for a Canada tree service that can provide all of the assistance that you need in order to prepare your home’s trees for the winter, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best in the business at Canada Tree Care. Feel free to contact a member of our expert team and they will be more than happy to explain the services that we offer and recommend what is best for your trees based on what you have to say. We very much look forward to being able to help you this winter.