Even if you are the most enthusiastic amateur gardener, when it comes to things like tree care there are always going to be things that only the professionals know. Tree services possess a keen eye for the hidden dangers that lurk within seemingly innocuous trees. While trees are often admired for their beauty and environmental benefits, they can also pose significant risks if not properly maintained or managed. Let’s take a closer look at the hidden dangers to your trees that a La Cañada Tree Service knows to look for.

Critical Risks in Tree Health: What the Professionals See

  • Structural Weaknesses

Trees can develop structural weaknesses over time due to disease, pests, or environmental factors. These weaknesses may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye, but a professional tree service knows how to identify signs such as cracks, splits, or leaning trunks that indicate potential hazards. Addressing these weaknesses early can prevent catastrophic failures like tree collapse.

  • Deadwood

Deadwood refers to branches or limbs that have died but remain attached to the tree. These can pose a serious risk of falling, especially during storms or high winds. Professional tree services are trained to identify and remove deadwood safely to mitigate the risk of property damage or injury.

  • Decay And Rot

Decay and rot can weaken the structural integrity of a tree, making it more susceptible to collapse. Professional arborists are skilled at assessing the extent of decay using various techniques such as sounding or visual inspection. They can then recommend appropriate measures to mitigate the risk, such as pruning or tree removal if necessary.

  • Root Issues

The health of a tree’s roots is crucial for its stability and longevity. However, issues such as root rot, girdling roots, or soil compaction can compromise root health without being immediately visible above ground. Professional tree services employ techniques such as root collar excavation or soil testing to assess root health and address any underlying issues.

  • Diseases And Pests

Trees are vulnerable to a variety of diseases and pests that can weaken or kill them. Some of these pathogens and insects may not be readily apparent to the untrained observer. Professional arborists are trained to recognize the symptoms of common tree diseases and pest infestations and can recommend appropriate treatment options to mitigate the risk of widespread damage.

  • Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches can pose a hazard to buildings, vehicles, or pedestrians below, especially if they are dead or weakened. Professional tree services can safely prune overhanging branches to reduce the risk of property damage or injury.

  • Proximity To Structures

Trees that are growing close to buildings, power lines, or other structures can pose a risk of damage if they fall or shed branches. Professional arborists are skilled at assessing the potential risk posed by trees in close proximity to structures and can recommend appropriate measures to mitigate the risk, such as pruning or tree removal.


If you are looking for a reputable La Cañada tree service to come and check out any of the above suspected issues in your own garden, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at Cañada Tree Care. We look forward to being able to help!