When thinking about all of the various garden activities that you should feel safe to perform for yourself, anything to do with tree removal should certainly not be on the list. Even the shorter kinds of trees and shrubs can pose various issues that only professionals can solve with their vast experience and range of specialized equipment. You might think that you know what you are going to do when it comes to cutting down a tree or substantial shrub, but there really are too many variables involved to make it a safe DIY task, especially for beginners and novices. With this in mind, here are some of the biggest risks involved in tree removal that you should be aware of, that may prompt you to look for tree service near me.

What Are The Risk Factors Involved With A Tree Service Near Me?

Potential of Falling Hazards

Tree removal often requires workers to climb up the trees and use heavy equipment to cut away high branches, this obviously exposes them to a risk of falling from a height, but unlike a homeowner, they will be equipped with the provisions to ensure that they can climb the trees in a safe and efficient manner.


Any trees that need to be cut near power lines pose a significant risk of electrocution if the task is not properly handled. This can cause serious injury or even fatality, and is never something that should be attempted by a non-professional.

Heavy, Dangerous Equipment Is In Use

In order to do the most extensive job, large dangerous tools are needed such as chainsaws and wood chippers. These are very serious pieces of machinery that should only be operated by people who have the relevant experience and training.

Tree Service Near Me

Don’t Overlook Environmental Factors

The truth is that when homeowners decide to do work in their gardens, it is usually on a day when the weather conditions are perfect. This won’t always be the case when it comes to tree-cutting emergencies, so leave the more inclement weather conditions to the professionals as they will have experience in completing their job in all kinds of conditions.

Lack Of Protective Gear

One of the main things that keeps professionals safe in this environment is the array of protective gear that they have as part of their regular kit. This will be the kind of gear that the average homeowner is not going to have, and therefore trying to complete the same tasks without the same level of protection is always going to be a very dangerous job. It is best to avoid trying altogether!

So, if you would like to avoid getting into any of the above-mentioned difficulties and would prefer to leave things in the hands of professionals, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cañada Tree Care. Feel free to contact a member of our experienced team and they will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. We very much look forward to being able to respond to your search for a tree service near me.